Benefits of organic land investment in Ukraine

Agricultural land investment in Ukraine continues to attract farmers and real estate dealers from around the world. Large local Ukrainian companies have also made a diversification move by investing into agricultural lands –Ukraine’s famous Chernozems (Ukrainian for black soil) the most fertile soil type on our planet. But only few land investors are able to realize the true potential of Ukraine’s fertile soil which can produce 5-7 metric tonnes of wheat per hectare without any use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. The natural benefits of organic farming technologies in Ukraine are tremendous but the largest agricultural companies seem to fail in realizing the potential. Continue reading →

Toxic pesticides banned in Europe – Ukraine should follow

airplane spraying pesticides on fieldEuropean Union banned the use of 22 most toxic pesticide substances in all EU-member states with decision made in January 2009. Among the toxic substances used within pesticides banned in Europe are those proven to cause cancer, endanger reproduction or genes, as well as those that negatively affect human nervous, immune or hormonal systems. Substances harmful to bees will also be outlawed as bees are essential for the pollination of crops, while 20 percent of pesticides are very toxic to bees. The harmful use of pesticides has been the major reason for the recent sudden die-off of bee communities around the Planet.

Aerial crop spraying of pesticides will also be almost completely prohibited, with minor exceptions. Continue reading →

Organic crops and livestock in Ukraine

Ukrainian organic farming has now reached a territory of 300 thousand hectares (741,000 acres). With the volumes of organic production still relatively low for such a big country as Ukraine, local organic farmers already produce most of the popular crops for the domestic market as well as for exports.

Organic grains, oil seeds, vegetables and fruit are produced by a growing number of organic farmers in Ukraine. Western Ukraine has most of the country’s organic livestock farmers raising organic cows, pigs, sheep and goats, as well as producing organic milk, cheese and organic meat products.

Growing domestic demand for organic foods in Ukraine has given local farmers a stimulus for expanding their production base. Ukraine’s organic food share is expected to grow by 10-15% in 2010.

Organic food & products in Ukraine

Ukraine has around 260,000 hectares of organically certified farm lands which produce over 500 thousand tons of organic food annually. Organic cosmetics and clothes production are picking up with more Ukrainian consumers demanding not only a higher quality standard but also ecologically safe and natural products.